Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Guess how old Mom is! (Sorry, answer not in post.)

Saturday morning Mom and the littles continued work on the project while I went to have coffee with another friend. 

That afternoon we left for church early to stop at Sprouts and Hobby Lobby. In the car the kids quoted Pirates of the Caribbean pretty much the whole way. It amazes me how incredible their memory is and how well they can imitate the voices! 

Mom and Ava did the grocery shopping and Gabe, Mia, and I conquered Hobby Lobby, walking pretty much the entire store. There is definitely a difference between shopping with kids and shopping by yourself. Neither is bad, but there is a difference. 

In the church service both Mia and Gabe lost a tooth! Mia kept asking Mom to pull her's and Mom finally reached over and took it out so she could actually hear the sermon again... 

Back at home there were chickens to feed, food to put away, and dinner to eat. After we all took a turn talking to Dad on the phone we headed towards bed. Saturday nights are usually late no matter what, but we typically get to sleep in as late as we want on Sunday mornings. 

In honor of Mom's birthday on Sunday we took her to breakfast at her favorite place- Seven Mile Cafe. She drove. And paid. We gave her cards and gifts though! 

Mia says, 
"Happy Birthday, Mom. Hugs and kisses, I love you Mom and the way your joy spreads. 
Oh, one more thing,
A Ticket to Six Flags, and a meal at Six Flags. You pay for the meal I pay for the tickets." 
Or something to that effect... 

This is Ava's card:

Gabe gave Mom his little stuffed bunny. 

A lady stopped by our table and told Mom happy birthday and that she was so glad she could spend time with all her kids. Mom didn't have the heart to tell her that she has two additional kids. 

Mom's pile of gifts.

My "Monkey Bowl" breakfast.

And heart latte. (Mom got one two, but her's didn't have a heart...) 

On the way home we stopped at a garage sale. There were multiple ones around, but we only had enough cash to go to one. We picked a good one though! Everyone found something and it was nice stuff! 

The plan had been to have a few friends come that evening to celebrate Mom with pizza and a movie, but they both were sick. So we went to an antique store for awhile. 

That moment you find YOUR childhood tricycle in at antique store. 
I'm only 17! 

Mom left us to go get pizza and I took the other kids to Kroger to get ice cream, root beer, and shampoo and conditioner. 

On the way home Gabe fell asleep. 

Pizza and brownies and-  *squints real hard* -oh yeah, vegetables. 

The movie we watched was called "Darby O'Gill of the Little People." The 60's computer graphics terrified Mia and Gabe to the point that it was almost comical. They weren't scared of the zombies in Pirates of the Caribbean..! Mia got over her fear rather quickly, however, and began to comfort Gabe and tell him to tell himself "That was SO fake. So fake. No way is that real. At all." She is such a darling. 

She then walked him upstairs to his room. 

My Instagram post for Mom. 

Monday Ava came down sick. 

I went to work and then went to get an oil change in the afternoon. I was so grateful for the woman there also getting an oil change who helped me figure out what I was supposed to do even though it was her first time there as well. 

Normally I would have gone to babysit for the small group, but that night I wasn't needed so I got to go have coffee- I mean tea -with another friend. With work I hadn't seen these three girls I've met up with in at least 3 months so getting to reconnect with them was really nice. I love how God places different people in our lives to come alongside us and "do life." We get to encourage each other, grow together, and share how God has been working in our lives, in addition to just having fun. That doesn't mean it's always easy, or that you don't have to work at those relationships, or that you always agree, or that you don't sometimes get hurt, but working through all those things will draw you closer for the glory of God. 

Tuesday we had planned to all go to Hurricane Harbor as therapy for my Kate- withdrawal since I didn't have Kate again, but Ava still was not feeling well so we had a home-day. 

I made this canvas for my room. 

As a reflector of the light of Christ, this is my motto. I would have no light to shine outside of Him and I want to let that light He has given me touch every person I meet so that they will see Christ shining through me and desire the same light in their own life. Sure, people can produce a flicker maybe, a tiny spark, a dim, fading shine, but it won't last like the sun's powerful, lasting, warm light that boasts of the joy a life given to God produces. 

The Herd: Quoted

"And I practice 40 hours a day so when I meet a pirate, I can kill him!" -Mia quoting Pirates of the Caribbean with perfect emphasis. Over. And over. And over. 

"Is this your method for not spending too much money?" -Mom in Hobby Lobby 
"What?" -Me
"Not getting a cart?" -Mom
*Looks down at my full arms* "I guess so..." -Me

"I don't think that is how you eat bacon, Gabe..." -Mom watching Gabe use a knife and fork to cut and eat his bacon. 

"I'm not sure you understand the nature of Six Flags season passes and food passes." -Mom

"I just realized, the guy at the Kroger checkout took a really long time to check out my four items. He was being very nice and talkative." -Me 
*I go on to relay the conversation* 
"Lydia, he was interested in you." -Mom
"What!? I just thought he was being nice!" -Me in absolute shock.
"No, he found a way to ask how old you were and then made you guess his age, he was hitting on you." -Mom

"No one hit on you while you got your oil change?" -Mom
"No, they both called me sweetheart, but they were older, like 30's at least." -Me
"They were men?" -Mom
"Yes..." -Me 
"Oh my..." -Mom 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I HATED that movie (Darby O'Gill of the Little People)!


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