Monday, July 6, 2015

Welcome Home, Here's a Surprise for You

Thursday afternoon I felt very unmotivated to exercise. Christian was sick, Chloe was at Gramma's again, and Ava and Mia weren't home. So I grabbed Gabe and asked him if he wanted to do workout competitions. Like the rest of us, he is pretty competitive so of course he wouldn't refuse. I let him choose the music (my fingers crossed) and he chose Disney Children's Station on Pandora. (I could cope with that selection.) 

We started with arm wrestling. I thought surely beating him would be easy and I might even have to go easy on him so he wouldn't feel bad. I was utterly, completely, 100%, absolutely, totally, wholly, super probably get the point. I was wrong. He gave me a run for my money and although I did win every time, I had to work for that bragging right. I'm not a bragging type person yeah. And please continue to keep that in mind while reading the rest of the story about this competition. 

He beat me in pushups, hands down. (Okay, well all our hands had to be down on the ground so we could actually do the pushups, but you know what the expression means, right? Or should I say he utterly, completely, I think you know what I mean't.) 

Again in the legs he got going super fast! That little man is strong!! (And he has the muscles to prove it.) I may have outlasted him in time, but he can go much faster than me and the reason he stops is because he gets bored and wants to do something more challenging. 

Finally we made it to core. He is great at sit-ups as well! I'm so impressed with him. I wanted to get to failure so I kept going after he stopped. Several weeks ago I did sit-ups for 7 minutes and stopped pretty impressed with myself. I could have kept going though, so I decided to go until I couldn't do another one this time. I went for awhile...33 minutes later I had to stop so I could leave to babysit. I never hit failure. Ugh! Next time I'll have to block off a lot longer than I ever expected. If you can't believe it, you aren't alone. Neither can I and I only put it on here because I had to tell you how awesome Gabe is and if I didn't include the results you all would be filled in by a much longer verbal account from my siblings. 

A recent drawing by me, from my mind, without a name.

Texting with Chloe.

Texting with Dad. And I was actually right the first time, it was only 76 days. 
Sorry Dad! I gave you hope then took it away 
and all along I had it right in the first place. Oops... 

Friday saw Christian going to CareNow for an earache (he will live as far as we know), Chloe coming home from Gramma's, Dad with lots of meetings, and Mom out and about. I had work and then left with Aunt Lauren to spend the weekend with her and Uncle Phil as my early birthday present from them. (A post about Gabe's time with them from two weeks ago is on its way.) 

I have the best men in my family! My brothers are my biggest teasers but they are also my protectors. My Dad has the key to my heart. My Grandfathers will have their guns handy for a long time. My uncles are additional security. The moment a guy shows interest in any of us girls, they will all be headed to check him out. I love that! Uncle Phil in particular has said things like, "I will seriously maim or even kill any guys who try to talk to you or even look at you." and "If anyone ever hurts any of those girls I'm going to be spending the rest of my life in prison." and "Who just looked at you? I need to go beat them up right now!" Grandfather said he will join Uncle Phil in prison and that I may have to tell them, "Hey, I'd actually like to talk to this one if you don't mind..." They are seriously the best

Aunt Lauren and I got my stuff to their apartment and then went to get dinner at a delicious Mediterranean restaurant. Uncle Phil had to film a patriotic concert that night so we went to watch that. It was very well done and afterwards there was free ice cream! Several ladies asked if I was Aunt Lauren's sister. (We both took that as a compliment.) 

Eleven years ago Aunt Lauren started having us kids each over for our birthday to spend time with her. I was the first to get to go and she took me to see a piano concert. The man who played in that concert 11 years ago was at the concert Friday night and we got to talk to him. That was such a cool connection! 

That night we watched "Austenland." It is pretty recent, but I'd never heard of it, however, it was pretty funny. 

Saturday Aunt Lauren and I went shopping and then got pedicures. I'd never had one before and really enjoyed it. She is fun to hang out with! (So is Uncle Phil, although I have to be very careful about not choking at meal times with him around, he is always making me laugh, and I love that so much.) 

Uncles for Dinner

During every family celebration
My uncles cause me to eat with caution.
They toss humorous stories back and forth,
Tickling the whole table, not a fourth. 
We laugh till tears like creeks stream down our cheeks.
Napkins we must employ to dry the leaks.  
Occasionally someone will choke,
Or water will burst forth after a joke.
Eating could become dangerous, you see,
When uncles offer mirthful company.

In the afternoon we had green smoothies, popcorn, and pulled out "Cheer Wine" (?) to enjoy while viewing "Captain America." That was not just my first time to see that movie, but my first time to see any Marvel movie at all. *ducks* I'd also never had Cheer Wine before. Don't worry, I liked the movie and I actually never screamed! (I feel like that was an accomplishment.) 

Uncle Phil is helping us with our play "The Princess Bride" and currently the script is 29 PAGES long. So he and I went through it brainstorming ways to dramatically shorten it. He is AWESOME at coming up with comic, professional ideas for getting to the point. 

In addition to being a comedian, play consultant, and bodyguard, Uncle Phil is a fabulous cook. He prepared wonderful pizzas for the three of us and we settled comfortably in their mini-theater to watch yet another movie. This time it was another comedy call "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton." 

Sunday morning I went to church with my aunt and uncle and I'll be going home this afternoon. The others went to church last night and have been swimming with friends at Gramma's house. 

Okay, well I thought this post was finished, but after I got home there was some excitement... 

Chloe was out taking care of the chickens and Christian came running to me, "Get your camera ready, there is a huge snake in the chicken coop and I'm going to kill it." I watched from inside. Apparently it was climbing on the side of the coop and had already eaten some eggs. Grandfather used his BARE HANDS to pull the reptile off the wall and threw it on the ground then stomped on it so Christian could whack it's head off with a shovel. Meanwhile Chloe stood a good distance away doing a good job not screaming. 

Christian trotted up to the driveway tossing the head around in his hands to show those of us who did not care to go to the barn. After chucking it in the woods, he went back for the 5 foot long body (which was still moving) and proceeded to pretend to eat it, swing it around, slam it on the ground like a whip, and then make like he was going to hurl it straight at me. I screamed in pure terror and started running away very fast while everyone else laughed. Over the years I have developed a beautiful screaming voice thanks to the stinker. *Wink, wink* 

The Herd: Quoted 

"Do I look like a hot sweaty mess?" -Me joking while doing sit-ups. 
"No, you look like a cute, adorable, pretty girl." -Christian in all honesty. 

"I think we are going to have popcorn and ice cream for dinner." -Mom

"This is the best tea in the world. You can't have any it's all mine." -Chloe to me. 

"If I did that Noah would kill me and then Abigail would kill me and then Rebekah would kill me and finally Jed would kill me." -Me
"Yeah, and they'd keep killing you and raising you up so they could kill you again." -Chloe
"Right, and then we would never get to see them again." -Me
"Oh yeah, and their dad would kill you too!" -Chloe
"Exactly, which is why I'm not doing that and you are not helping me feel any better by the way." -Me 

"We had ice cream and Babe's food while you were gone." -Mom
"Yes, please tell me everything I didn't get to do." -Me laughing. 

"Lydia!" -Mia
"What?" -Me
"You just took a bite of my hotdog." -Mia
"Yeah, I know. I eat off your plate all the time!" -Me

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  1. Okay, now I have to know what you were talking about when you said we'd kill you if you did it. =)


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