Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Captain America: The First Avenger" Review

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It was around the time I got my Pinterest account that Marvel was exploding all over the place. Of course, since I had no idea what "Marvel" was, I completely disregarded everything. I may have seen a few trailers, but all I thought was, "Super heroes. Yeah. Ok. Cool. Moving on."

It was when many of my friends were deeply into Marvel, and would not stop mentioning it, that it finally got my attention. So when Lydia, who normally watches stuff like Batman and Mission Impossible with her hands over her eyes, saw Captain America before I did... I had to see it, pronto.

The next day, Lydia stopped by at the teeny-tiny library, found it, and checked it out. Christian and I watched it that night.

The good:

WOW! Those stunts were amazing!

The casting was very well done.

The story was very well written, it kept me on edge, and made me want to see the next one.

I was glad that they gave Cap a team instead of letting him do everything by himself.

The bad:

There is language, there is a reason why it's rated pg-13. That was the only issue in my book.

The ugly:

When Schmidt pulls off his mask, I know that Lydia covered her eyes, I didn't, but some people might not want that image in their memory.


Wow, Elrond, I like you way better with longer hair, and when you have your mask on.

Thanks a bunch for leaving the movie at a cliff-hanger. -_-

I must see every Marvel movie. Except, maybe the rest of the Spidermans, but that's a different review for later.

On a scale of 1-10 I'd give Captain America: The First Avenger a 9.


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  1. Very interesting! I usually don't go for super hero action movies either, but I may have to see this one. :)


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