Friday, July 17, 2015

Ice Cream is Always a Good Idea

Chloe and Christian left Wednesday morning to drive to Montana with Grandpa for a fabulous fishing trip. Dad will join them later, but will go by plane.

After work Wednesday I took the never-ending drive to the Munsell's house again for a practice. This time I took my flip-flops off while driving so I could pretend I was at the beach.

Since I was the only Linn actor(ess) there we worked on all the scenes with Wesley and Buttercup. (Those are easier to practice without Christian around anyway...) Abigail and Rebekah were great at watching all the problems we were having, particularly with blocking and timing, and telling us/showing us how to fix them all. Who knew blocking would take so much confusion to figure out. Or maybe I was the only one confused? Probably not a good thing since I wrote the script and stage directions...

I think we have a better sense of how it should go now, though, so it was a successful practice. Some people, who thought they knew their lines pretty well, learned that when you are in the moment it is harder to remember them, and others learned that if you don't know your lines at all its even harder to figure out the blocking because you are holding a script in one hand and let Buttercup fall to the ground instead of helping her over the rock with two hands.

The kids are doing well! Gabe got to go to his gymnastics class Wednesday night and is definitely the strongest, most coordinated student in the class. The fact that he is one of the smaller ones has nothing to do with anything. He can not only do one pull up (where as the other kids aren't able to do even that), he can do three before the teacher pulls him down so the others don't feel bad.

Mia has done very well all week and is even more chipper than usual because she is almost completely better as well. We are so grateful that no one else caught it and that the kids have endured the week so well.

Thursday afternoon I had about 30 minutes before I needed to start dinner and then after that I needed to shower and pack for a weekend at Gramma's. So I did the only logical thing I could think of and pulled out my sewing machine and grabbed the pale blue queen sized sheet I'd purchased at the thrift store for $4 and began making my Buttercup costume. If you know me, you know that I do NOT like to start a project and then put it all away unfinished for another day. That is why this was such a logical idea.

I took a break to make dinner, eat, talk with Mom and Dad, and eat ice cream then went back to sewing.

Whew! That was a process. Another thing you know if you know me is that I never use patterns. I come up with a design in my head, some times I'll draw it out (but not usually), and then I just start cutting. Most of the time I'll end up with something pretty similar to what I started out envisioning, or it will be even better. There are the few occasions, though, where I totally just don't make something good at all. All that's to say, I did a lot of problem solving during the making of my dress and lots of adjustments, but what I ended up with (at 9:00pm) is gorgeous and just about perfect! I'm very pleased and will post a picture later.

After all that I did the other stuff I needed to do...

The Herd: Quoted

"Look at you, doing a second workout just after you finished one tough one!" -Me
"Yeah, but I'm already dying." -Dad panting, but doing well.

"Hey, since we are just like sitting here talking, shouldn't you be making ice cream?" -Mom to Dad.
"Of course!" -Me to Dad
*Dad laughs and moves to get it started*


  1. I sure enjoying reading about the life and times of the teenage Linns! xo

  2. eehhh. Reminds me I need to work on my lines...


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