Tuesday, June 30, 2015


For a few glorious seconds when I woke up I rejoiced in the fact that it was finally Friday. Then I realized it was only Thursday. It was a great start to the day. 

I got to deal with researching the bite on my ankle once I got to work. With the help from a friend and  Google I figured out it was most likely a spider bite and I would probably not die. My friend did a lot to put my mind at ease. As long as I kept it up (slightly difficult to do while watching a 2 year old and a 3 year old) it didn't sting or itch too badly. 

Home from work we visited with Gramma and her friend. They got a tour of the house and then took Chloe with them so she could spend the weekend (ish, close enough) with Gramma. Then I decorated a couple binders to make drawing and writing portfolio type things. (For those of you who don't know, I am an artist and a writer. Okay the latter is actually obvious, but I'm also a blonde. And that is probably obvious as well, or you can tell I'm writing after 8:30pm. Anyways...) 

This one is for drawings:

This one is for short stories and poetry:

 After dinner we went our to our friends' house for dessert and a visit. Their seven kids had a blast with the 4 younger ones of us and I greatly enjoyed sitting in to hear the adults' conversation and make sure no bad stories about any of us were being told behind our backs.

 Mom and me:

Me and Mom the past week:

Thursday night texts between me and Chloe:

On the real Friday morning I traded breakfast for sweet visits with my parents over coffee at 6:30am. Totally worth it, FYI. (Dad did not have coffee. He and coffee don't get along well. Truly the problem is completely with Dad, coffee has not done anything to him except be itself, but still Dad does not care for the substance which Mom and I greatly look forward to enjoying early in the morning.) 

Then I took some "artsy" pictures before having my quiet time, kissing my sleeping siblings, and then leaving for work. 

After work I went home to catch up with Mom. Ava then accompanied me to the bank for both me and Dad and then we went to the tiny library in Ponder. I think between the two of us we maxed out the number of books we are allowed to borrow. 

That night we had a family of 8 over. They also have 6 stinkin' adorable kids ages 9-1, 5 boys, 1 sweet girl in the middle. The parents went out to dinner and left poor hobbling me with my spider bite to attempt to keep 10 kids alive the 11 of us at our house. When I signed up for this Chloe was going to be there too, but ya know... I really wasn't worried about it, though, and everything went almost perfectly. The kids played upstairs and I prepared sandwiches for everyone with a baby on my hip (as usual). 

After dinner and a surprisingly easy clean-up, we all settled comfortably in the living room to view "Wreck-it Ralph" (which thoroughly confused me). Just as we cleaned up the living room, the parents arrived home...in perfect time for dessert. (I think they somehow knew we were about to get that out and came back at the opportune moment on purpose. They never pass up on cookies and ice cream.) 

Saturday Mom and Ava went out for the morning, Dad hung gorgeous curtains in our schoolroom, Christian did yard work, Gabe and Mia knocked themselves out playing, and I accidentally almost slept until noon. 

On the way to church:

It was scare Lydia to death night. It is extremely easy to startle me and it's usually pretty funny for everyone who sees me momentarily freak out. (I'm great at laughing at myself too though, so I see the funny side almost every time.) I've at least gotten a lot better about not screaming... Unless you throw something at me, or pretend you are going to throw something at me. 

I thought we were praying when a blinding flash of light hit my closed eyes. I was looking up fast enough to know it was actually time for communion and I had not been paying attention so the plate got tilted at just the right angle to reflect the light on my face. 

After service Ava a child, who shall remain unnamed, snuck up behind me and ran her little fingers up my back. Apparently I jumped really high and my face made those in front of me laugh, as well as myself after I was sure of who had come up behind me. 

Often times a majority of the church body will go to Rosa's Cafe for dinner. This time neither us, Aunt Cendei, nor the Smiths were going to go with everyone else. So we all went to dinner at Rosa's that night. Our family was the first to arrive, as usual, and we got to work setting up a long line of tables. The adults usually sit there and all the kids 15 and under (ish) sit in booths right next to that. That night we set up 7 tables and used 4 booths. 

Behind me someone dropped a plate and terrified me. Several of us lost it at that point (and almost choked). If I'm going to get startled I want to be able to laugh in the next moment, because even if getting startled isn't my favorite thing, laughing is pretty high on the list. 

Sunday morning Gabe came and woke me up, then Ava came and woke me up again, then Dad came to check on me right after I got up, and on my way downstairs Chloe ran into me on her way to make sure I was up. I only slept until 10:30am... 

Evidence of a night well spent: 

After breakfast/brunch for all of the rest of us, and lunch for Mia (she explained because she had already eaten and we hadn't), we all got ready and left to go swim at Gramma's house. Mom and Chloe opted for a quiet afternoon at home. Ava and I drove down in the car I drive and followed the rest in the truck. 

Halfway there they had to turn around and go back for the towels and food that no one had thought they should put in the car... Meanwhile, Ava and I had a failed experience getting gas. I'm not very good at this job yet... *sigh* I did manage to get 1/2 a tank before I had issues though! 

The water was plenty warm, almost not cool enough to be refreshing, but it was lovely all the same. That was my first time to swim this year, maybe the latest into the summer I have had to wait my entire life and that is no exaggeration. 

Dad went to Sprouts for us afterwards and I took everyone else home. I was so excited to make it there and back without GPS and without any wrong turns. I wasn't necessarily confident of where I was or where I was going the whole time, but I still did it!

I'm always so impressed by my siblings. They didn't get a sunburn, again! I kept checking to see if I was pink while in the pool, but I was always fine. It wasn't until I got home that I saw I was, in fact, burned. The lack of hot water by the time I got my turn in the shower worked out okay, though, as the  ice cold super duper freezing cooler water felt nice. That feeling when the heat is literally rising off your body is so weird and kind of cool. I feel like one of those sun-charged outdoor lights whenever I get a sunburn. 

After dinner Mom made popcorn and we watched The Willis Clan all together. Later there were ice cream sandwiches. 

Monday morning saw coffee in my small hands and a few more "artsy" pictures. It was a normal work day for me and Dad and everyone else did school and other Monday things. I ran errands for Dad in the afternoon and made dinner after that. 

Christian and I had a squat competition. (His idea.) To save him, I will spare you the details. I won within the first 3 minutes, but kept going past 5 minutes just to be sure because he claimed he was still going at 3 minutes, but he kept stopping because his knees hurt. He kind of sort of was doing them with very very terrible horrible form...

The Herd: Quoted 

"Forgot I had to actually wear shoes." -Me

"Did everyone see the missionary jar I set up?" -Gabe
"Yes, and it already had $10 and a few cents in it." -Mia 
"Where did the $10 come from?" -Mom
"Me." -Mia 

"I really don't want to go to Egypt, they might make me into a mummy." -Mia in all seriousness. 

"China, that's where all the deserts are, right?" -Mia 

"A lot of the funny quotes come from me." -Gabe 

"Bedroom doors stay open, but if you are using the bathroom, make sure the door is closed." -Mom's instructions before time at a friend's house. 

"My sore throat makes me sound emotional when I sing." -Christian 

"And one of them was painted by my great great great great great grandma!" -Mia
"No, just your great gramma." -Mom

"Well, all muddy legs is a lot better than all broken legs." -Mom when a child is reported to be a bit messy. 

"How much is it to get the best kind of worst kind of guitar?" -Gabe 

"I don't know who Andrew is!" -Me earnestly. 
"Uhuh..." -Christian 
"I don't!!" -Me
"I'm agreeing with you, sarcastically!" -Christian 

"You have to arm wrestle with Noah? He will eat you for breakfast...lunch...and dinner! And he'll hurt your arm." -Christian 

"She said to you, "Your hair looks amazing like that!" and I said, "Why thank you, I think my hair looks pretty adorable with gel too." -Christian 

"I won't tease you if they start showing off." -Ava

"I love boys!" -Mia

"I know karate, judo, tae kwon do, and a whole bunch of other scary sounding words." -Chloe

"I don't hang out with 17 year olds, ever." -Christian 
"Um and what am I?" -Me

"Guys don't use conditioner in the shower, it's optional." -Christian 
"Well, not until they decide they want someone special to like running their hand through their hair."  -Me
"Like while kissing? The proper way to kiss is for the guy to have his hand on the girls cheek and the other around her waist. Then the girl has her hands either both around his neck or one hand on his face and the other in his hair. I'll show you later." -Christian  
"NO!" -Me 
"Yeah using conditioner could save a relationship I guess." -Christian
"You mean like a girl would say they don't like them anymore because of their hair?" -Me
"Yeah like they start kissing and she feels his hair and screams 'you're hair is rough, this relationship is over!'" -Christian 
(Yes it was a rather awkward conversation now that I think about it...)  

"Ah! Who did that? It's chocolate!" -Mom
"What! Don't you like chocolate?" -Me 
"Not on my carpet!" -Mom

"Hm, what word should I choose for this week?" -Me
"Hot." -Chloe 
"Well thank you, I don't feel particularly attractive at the moment but..." -Me

"You really need to learn that Pirates of the Caribbean song." -Chloe
"What? Up is Down?" -Me
"No, the one by the guy with the talented butt." -Chloe 

This is what she was talking about:

"I remember when his voice was high and it sounded so cute!" -Chloe 

"My legs are the most ripped out of you, me, and Christian though." -Me
"Yeah, well mine are pretty ripped too, they're just hidden!" -Chloe
"With fat?" -Me
*We both laugh* 

"Mia, what are you grateful for?" -Dad
"Um...all I can think of is things I'm ungrateful for, like being sick." -Mia 

"I have serious doubts about this being a good idea." -Christian 

"If we are both still going in 10 minutes then it's a draw." -Me setting the rules for our squat challenge.
"Oh we will definitely still be going in 10 minutes." -Christian 

"They are leaving in a few weeks." -Mom
"Wait, they are leaving in June?" -Me
"Um, this is June, July 1st is on Wednesday, Lydia." -Mom
"What month is it?! I'm totally lost." -Me
"You just lost a month, it is almost July." -Mom
"I'm so confused." -Me doing a *face table*

"I'm so excited for tomorrow morning because I can have coffee again." -Me 
*Mom laughs* 

"I guess I better pause it." -Mom
"Yeah that was enough *dings* in a row. How many texts just came through?" -Me
"Seven." -Mom

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