Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Bad Idea and a Birthday

Thursday morning I decided that I should get up at 5am so I could go for a run at the school track around 6am. I am not a runner. I want to be so badly, but I am not. Dad is not a runner. He does not want to be. Mom is not a runner. She wants to be. Chloe can run forever. She doesn't really care. Gabe and Mia can also run forever. They love it. Ava and Christian…I actually don't know their running status. I think Christian is a lot like Chloe though..but more competitive. If he is going to run, he is going to race and win…or at least say so. So there you have the Linn family running capability data. 

It was a gorgeous morning! I started out walking a little, but the moment I broke into a steady run, both my knees notified me that what I was doing to them was not a good idea. It felt so good to move quickly everywhere except my knees. So I stopped and walked more. I tried running a few more times before giving up and just walking powerfully.  The rest of the day…my knees killed me. 

Mom took the littles (Ava, Gabe, and Mia) to meet friends at "Bubble Land" for a few hours. (Bubble Land is an indoor play ground at a church which is open to families during the week.) Dad worked, Chloe did stuff that she doesn't remember (I just asked her), and I have no clue what Christian was up to. 

Work has gone well for me and the kids I've been watching. In the afternoon while they rest I get to do school and blog! 

At home I drank a smoothie while working on touching up the script I've created (with some help) for our summer play. Mom bribed me with a "frappa" and got me to tear apart a chicken with my bear hands debone a chicken she got at the store. Then is was back to the script again. 

Thursday night we celebrated Dad's birthday! Nana and Grandfather trekked all the way over here from next door in order to be with us. It was definitely a huge sacrifice on their part. The menu consisted of taco bowls, chocolate cake, and ice cream. 

Mia wrote a sweet and very lengthy message. She has so much love to share!

The candle arranger. 

All in one breath! 

This card rocked!

Someone knew this would be the perfect gift for our beach-loving Dad. 

My Instagram birthday message. 


  1. Oh wait, now I remember what I did. I did math. -_-

  2. Love you to pieces Lydia!

  3. We love all the Linn's! Xoxox! Great blog sweetie!


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