Friday, June 12, 2015

A Long Over-Due Summary (Because otherwise I'd use up 5000 words on one post)

This is late…sorry!!

A post about what Monday was like for me will make an appearance next week as it is a special type of out-of-the-ordinary thingy. (So be waiting in excited suspense for that!)

Tuesday I started working as a nanny for a family with three kids under the age of 4. I just watch the three year old (Luke) and almost two year old (Sadie). Right now it's just from 8:00am to 2:00pm, four days a week. The other day of the week I watch a baby (Kate) at our house and other babysitting jobs fill in more time.

Logically you could probably conclude at this point that I am known to be good with kids, enjoy being with them, and am high in demand. The secret to my success is probably that 1) I was trained by very skilled parents, and 2) I do love kids, and 3) I always clean up as much of the house as I can whether it was tidy when I arrived or not.

While I was at work Dad pulled his drawing board out into the living room and half watched tv, 100% worked hard. When I got home, he sent me to the library. When I got home again, he sent me to Staples. When I got home for the fourth time I went ahead and just asked what my next assignment was. This time I got to stay home.

Mom and the others pulled in at 8:15pm that night just as I was finishing the last bites of my leftover cheesecake. (No, I just can't eat those slices in one sitting.) I figured if I still had any left when they walked in the door I soon wouldn't as everyone would ask for a bite or 3 and then there would be none left for me.

Mom exercised a lot of self control by not walking in the door, making a break for her bedroom, and slamming shutting the door. We all worked together to unload the very messy very full truck. It was very loud and there were about 5 different conversations going on. After being away from the crazy for 5 days, I am still getting used to being back in it. But I love it even more…and appreciate the quiet even more.

Wednesday I left everyone at home sleeping and went to work. Dad later took the rest of the kids to go swimming and gave Mom the day to herself. Not that she really needed that… Being on the road with 5 kids is no challenge at all. It could never drive anyone crazy!

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  1. Glad you all are safely back together again! Thanks for visiting us while you were in DC!


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