Saturday, June 20, 2015

Christian and Crawfish

The adventures of crawfish-fishing..! As told by Christian and typed by me. Because otherwise this would take all day.

Wednesday when I was doing my trashcan job (post to come about that) I was headed up a hill that had a big puddle at the bottom of it and found a crawfish. I grabbed an empty bottle and put it in and then I took it to my friend's house so I could get a bucket with water. Then I finished my job. After I had finished, I took it home and made a sort of homemade thingy habitat with water, dirt, rocks, and sticks. A couple hours later I went out to get more. I used a string with chicken on it and three of them got away. Then we found a huge one on the road again. We tried to get more but they kept stealing the bait, so I went home. I put fresh water in and left them for the night with chicken. The next morning they were fine.


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