Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Herd: Quoted

Quotes to catch you up for the week!

"Let's put this in the fridge!" -Me accidentally starting to put the clean blender in the wrong spot.

"You hungry?" -Dad
"Not yet."-Me 
*A moment later*
"And suddenly hunger strikes." -Me 

"It's hot." -Dad
"Yeah and I have a personalized cape." -Me
"Your hair?" -Dad
"Yup!" -Me

"I keep pulling my hair off her." -Me referring to a baby I was watching.

"I'm feeling a little slow. Mentally." -Me

"I'm just over here cracking myself up." -Me 

"The clouds have been very varitetal today! that a word? -Me

"It's been a hundred years since I saw you!"-Mia 

"I've had sugar can you tell?"-Chloe 

"What do you mean 'we are both better alone'?!" -Christian 
"When we play things like piano and guitar! Not like we are better together!!" -Me 
"I'm gonna have to have a chat with this child." -Christian 

"Do we have plans for tomorrow?" -Ava
"Yes." -Dad
"Does it involve getting in the car?" -Ava 
"Yes, we are going swimming." -Dad
"Ooh yay!!" -Ava

"Story time with Lydia till midnight!" -Chloe 
"No I've been given strict instructions by the Munsells to go to bed before midnight." -Me 
*A few a sentences later* 
"It's 11 isn't it." -Me 
"Yup!" -Chloe
"I'll be up till midnight." -Me

"There's death, there's blood, there's guts, there's glory, there's fire, there's blowing up, there's love, there's romance!" -Gabe 

"I just creamed Mia at checkers, but she played valiantly." -Mom

"He's not 45!" -Me talking about Dad

"Do you want candles?" -Mom
"Yeah cause you of all people would love to blow on our food." -Me
*Dad laughs* 

"A little wax never hurt anybody." -Christian 

"If you wanted the fire department you should have called half an hour ago." -Me 

"Yeah he blew them all out and then chocked." -Christian 
"And I helped!" -Gabe

"Steak and shake." -Gabe
"But when they wrote it they said 'stack and shack'." -Mom

"Let's get this cleaned up so we can go to bed." -Dad 
"No, it's 6:58pm!" -Ava
"They're not two, dad!" -Me
"We are not communists, mom, if you're tired that does mean we all have to be tired." -Chloe
"This isn't a democracy, this is a dictatorship." -Mom
"Are they pulling a Julius Caesar?" -Me
"No, we are pulling a mom and dad, even higher than Caesar." -Mom

"He says you're cute." -Christian 
"I've like never had makeup on when he's come over!" -Me
"Yeah so? He thinks you're cute! Blondes are cute!" -Christian 
*Falls on face* "So do I look cute now?" -Me
"Yes!" -Chloe 
"Let your hair down and then yes." -Christian 

"Do you guys have any book recommendations? I need something to read." -Ava
"Here. I'm finished with the Hobbit. You can read it." -Chloe

"When I walked into church I didn't recognize you because you looked so young." -Me
"Thanks, because I usually look so old...from the back." -Mom

"The sheriff is speeding!" -Me

"Ok, so what do you say a cute guy looks like? Oh wait, I know why you won't tell me, cause then I'll go up to guys and say 'hey you meet my sister's cute guy requirements'." -Christian 

"Bragging rights- I was born at a very young age." -Me

"Well, I was sitting next to Sam and the wall, so I couldn't really grab onto anything." -Chloe 

"Close the door more properly, please." -Me after midnight. 

"Oh, you want it on this one?" -Me when I offered to draw on her arm.
"Yes, it's my junk arm sort of like a junk drawer, but an arm." -Chloe 

"It's 10pm you have two more hours before you can go to bed." -Christian 
"No! I am not going to bed at midnight, I'm going to bed early." -Me 
*Two hours later* 
"Chloe, this is your fault!" -Me in the most loving way. 

"When I am quiet at the table and in the car I am thinking, cause I have so many thoughts." -Mia 

"You have a hole in your eye, Gabe." -Mia
"No, I don't!" -Gabe
"Yeah the black stuff is a hole." -Mia


  1. You guys' quotes are way better than ours. :P

    1. Well, considering a majority of them were said when we were a) really tired, b) full of sugar, or, c) it was after midnight...


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