Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Down Day: 80's music videos and a tooting potato

If you read the title and studies show that 87% of people don't, you should have a pretty good idea of how our day went. We slept in and all wore pajamas all day Chloe and I wore pajamas all day. These are the highlights of the day:

Christian was bored so he spent a good deal of time
  tormenting the girls standing in our doorway talking… 

Chloe in her typical spot writing famous romance novels doing "stuff". 

Mom and Dad planning the drive home for later this week. (Aren't they cute?!) 

This is Christian eating meat for those of you who were 
very concerned that he wasn't getting "properly" fed wondering if he liked it. 

My lunch. I eat meat too. Every so often. 

Mia drew "her buddy" Alex Blair. 

She also created this dragon. 

The talented Emma did my nails for me today!

While I got my nails done, Mom, Dad, and Mrs Erin began discussing 80's music. Then Dad started pulling music videos up on YouTube! And they sang along!! I'm not allowed to say if they danced or not, but it was super fun to watch. I love when my parents act like super young people. The following songs were among those played:

"Step by Step"

"Living on a Prayer"

Mrs Erin made us a "Trim Healthy Mama Fat-Stripping Frappa". 
Dad loved it!!! decided to pass. I'm not sure why I drank it...but it was very yummy!!

This evening our 25 year old looking mothers who are actually a little older than that but you'd never know it the mamas went out for girl's night. Meanwhile the Dads ordered pizza and we had another "split screen" movie night. Yes, we do eat pizza. Occasionally. But only from Papa John's. 

Our drop dead gorgeous moms.

…And their dessert. 

Another lazy day activity was writing a group story. The following tale had roughly 7 authors and just now received the title "Dick and Jane". The regular writing is the story, everything in bold is comments from the authors. Enjoy! 

“That’s a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea. Let’s do it and see what happens.” And that’s how their day began, Dick and Jane were scheming...again. The twins were just five years old, but they decided that playing with knives would be fun. And then Dick did it, he cut Jane’s ear off. No that’s not how the story is going to go. Actually Dick and Jane were 10 years old and they had a mystery to solve. Jane said they were playing with knives! No they weren’t! Lydia don’t put that in! “Let’s spilt up.” And then Dick went into the forest and Jane went into the desert of certain death the scary basement. And then Dick died, the end. Lydia no, you can’t do that. Lydia stop. What is she doing? She’s writing everything we say inbetween.  In the basement were nothing but clothes and things, or so she thought. And then she discovered the mummy of Akmenrah. It needs to be a little more quiet in here. It’s my turn! Dick died. Dick happened across a quick sand pit. And he died. And he died. He can’t breathe. You just went! No, I didn’t. Every time Dick dies, Dick dies. Okay, Dick is dead. Well you are saying gibberish. Okay he went to quicksand! Back to Jane, she found a box No, she already found it! She found the tablet of The tablet of Toot’n Tater. King Toot’n Tater. That’s my nickname. Basically I’m a tooting potato. Meanwhile, Dick shot out of the quicksand and died. But He lived! “Did you die?” “Sadly yes.” “But I lived.” While they were in their traps they found out they had special powers. Jane had ice powers and Dick had fire powers. How about poison powers? Who’s turn is it? Alright, stop. They used their powers to defeat the enemy. Back to Jane in the basement with the Tablet of Toot’n Tater, it was moonlight. And they didn’t notice how time flew. It was darkness and the table began to glow. And then she heard, AHHHHHHHHH *Chokes* And then she walked over to the tomb of that person. She absently opened the tomb. And died from the poison filled gases. And then she screamed because the body sat up, unwrapped itself and said “You have no idea how stuffy it is in here.” Was it Dick? Shhh she’s going to write that down! “That is because you’ve been in there for 3000 years.” Yeah, I hate it when it is stuffy. “And it is summer.” Hmm I get a turn, too? Dick died. Just then Dick walked in. He scream at the sight and died again. Can Dick live, please? He died and then he lived. He then walked up and asked about the tablet. “That belongs to Toot’n Tater. No the king Toot’n Tater. I think that is right, right?” Make him say that. Christian your turn. The End. Gabe, stop! Alright let’s conclude the story. No, you have to edit it! They all died. This thing is going to be really funny. Say, The End. The End. You messed everything up. Oh shoot. She said that. Ugh! What now? She is still typing. No we are done. 

The Herd: Quoted

"Ava, you have yellow eyes." -Mia. (She actually has blue eyes, like all the rest of us, so don't freak out.) 

"Pepper I very much disgust." -Gabe

"Ava, can you use the chair so I can have the stool?" -Gabe
"By all means!" -Ava

"Pickles?!" -Ava

"Wait! I have to take a picture of you eating meat!" -Me

"And those are all guys?" -Me talking about the band above in "Living on a Prayer." 

"They are from The Beautiful Man Store." -Mom

"No, Jamie is the owner of The Beautiful Man Store." -Mom
"Great an old creepy guy with graying hair!" -Dad laughing.

"We're not allowed to choke on Tuesdays." -Dad

"Well, it's supposed to sound yucky so you don't want any." -Mom to Ava about the Frappa. 

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  1. LOL that is so funny, actually your whole blog is :) Bon Jovi is great, haha, but I like Hall and Oates. ;)


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