Friday, June 12, 2015

Everyone's Take On What Happened On the Way Home

What day did y'all leave?
What happened on the drive?
Absolutely nothing.
Left normal time, drove, checked into our hotel, and had a court case.
…and that's all the detail we need to add about that.
Why am I here? There's nothing I can do.
The peeing squirrel.
She is writing everything you guys are saying!
No she's not.
This is not going to be good...
Chloe presided over a court case.
Christian gave two life changing lectures.
I had to share a suitcase with Gabe.
They were spur of the moment changing.
We went bowling.
That wasn't the day we left.
There was lots of driving and lectures.
I guess they missed my peacemaking, positivity, happiness influences.
I did my smash book.
We watched a lot of movies.
The last day.
Christian has a nose bleed.
We visited friends a couple times.
I loved bowling.
Nothing really happened except on the last day and...
That was when we did stuff with guns and knives and babies.
And mom bought us Sprite.
We went to Chickfila a lot of times on the trip.
We went swimming at a hotel.
That was pretty fun.
We watched American Ninja Warrior and the News.
And when I grow up I'm going on American Ninja Warrior.
Anything we say will be written down and used against us.
We breathed.
We blinked a lot.
We slept every night.
We listened to music.
We ate some food everyday. Umm...
We talked a little.
I love swimming.
We had some incidents and fights.
There were a lot of words spoken.
This is a lot of fun.
We brushed our teeth and hair.
And went to the bathroom.
That did not need to be shared Mia.
She wrote that down.
We arrived home safely on Wednesday.
We passed a lot of trees and there was a lot of bathroom breaks.
Not in the trees. We are hilarious!
And the pants!
And we put clothes on.
And have teeth.
Monday night we watched American Ninja Warrior.
We already said that.

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