Saturday, June 20, 2015

Eight of Us (Minus Two) Go To Six Flags

While I went to work and Dad stayed home also to work, Mom took all the other kids (who don't have to work at all) to Six Flags. She'd been watching the weather all week and it finally stopped flooding raining and was cooler (ish) enough for them to go. Apparently they had a great time with short lines and awesome adventures.

Mia- Well Gabe didn't get to go on the ride that we really wanted to go on, but I went on Runaway Mountain with Chloe and Christian. We were practically in the back of the ride. I went slide thing. Oh, the Bob Sled! And I went on Gun Slinger with Christian too. And we went on The Mine Train. My head started hurting because it was banging me again the seat. And Christian's back started hurting a lot because it was starting to get wanged into the seat. (No idea what "wanged" means, but that's what she said.) mkay, let me see… That's all.

Ava- Um, lets see. Mom didn't ride any of the rides. Oh yeah, she went on the roller coster. Someone passed out in one of the lines. She had to go home. She hadn't eaten anything that entire day so that's why she fainted. They finally dragged me on the Mine Train. (She did want to do it.) That's about it. Oh and I had a whole milkshake and we had a challenge for no one to scream on the Log Ride and we did it. I didn't scream on the Bobsleds. Mia was the only one who did and really loudly and she almost hit her head on the side.

Christian- Oh goodness. Headache. We got there and went straight to the Bobsleds and there was a short wait. Highlights huh? We rode the Viper, Gabe wanted to do something that was too busy. Mom, Mia, and Chloe went and rode something designed by a skate boarder and I thought it was nuts. So I took the others to lunch at the All American Cafe. And they had about a 45 minute wait. Then the others ate. Then we did, I think it was, lets just say, the Mini Mine Train and the others did the Runaway Mine Train. Then Gun Slinger, which I had never done before and I found it unenjoyable. From there we did the Log Ride, then Runaway Mountain. And it was way more scary then I remembered.

Chloe- So first stop was the bathroom. A girl fainted and I almost did later. I rode two roller coasters that I will probably never ride again. Gabe stayed with Mom a lot of the time, which means he didn't really ride very many things. The Mine Train was open so we finally convinced Ava to try it out. It wasn't very crowded. We had milkshakes for a snack. Then we left the park and went to drive through the Hurricane Harbor parking lot. To see what it looked like, but we were running out of time, because apparently some people were having a bit of trouble getting in. And then we drove home.

Mom- We had a great day at Six Flags! It was fun to see the kids ride some things for the first time. Mia is especially brave and wanted to ride all the rides. It wasn't overly crowded which meant we were able to split up some and do different things. I am so glad to have kids old enough and responsible enough to be able to do that! I was so blessed talking to a sweet older lady while sitting on a bench waiting outside one of the rides. She was sharing her love for God with me. Precious. May I learn to be that bold and yet humble.

What Mom does while her kids are screaming on rides:

I think they are a bit worn out. 

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  1. This looks totally AWESOMEEE!!!!!! I went to Six Flags when I was really little ( I'm 11 so I guess I'm still considered 'little') Wow! I come from a family of six too!! And two are married already;) Love this blog.


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