Friday, June 5, 2015

Traveling Must-Haves

Aunt Lauren, here! Have you been loving my niece/God-daughter’s blogging as much as I have? I love keeping up with the adventures of the Linn clan!
I recently took a trip of my own to D.C. and got to visit some of the same wonderful folks Lydia has been telling you about. One of the things I don’t leave home without is my collection of natural first aid remedies, because you just can’t anticipate the unexpected. And, it seems like our bodies tend to need a little extra somethin’ somethin’ when we’re on the road. 
Lydia asked me to share, so here’s a list of my “must haves” for travelling:
Now, here’s the proverbial “rest” of the story. I actually *did* get hit with something on my trip. I started feeling the first tinges of it about 24 hours after I arrived, so I’m guessing some germs jumped me on the plane. Between my sister (aka. Aunt Amy) and me, we had a full-on oily arsenal and I fought back with a variety of things. I used everything in my “ first aid kit,” but I was especially glad I had thrown in a couple extra Ningxia Red packets and Nitro boosts! Those gave me the extra support I needed to enjoy my visits with everyone and the energy to make it home.
My husband (Uncle Phil) picked me up at the airport and brought me home where I promptly changed into my pajamas and settled onto the couch for an afternoon BBC binge. Sometimes there’s just no substitute for rest, tender loving care, and good ole’ comfort food.
One’s things for certain, this trip reminded me of the importance of having back-up support with me at all times! If natural options interest you, I’d love to help set you up with your own oily support system.  For more information, check out my website: or find me on Facebook at Oily Simplicity.

Back to you, Lydia!

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