Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Iced Coffee and Potlicks

Saturday Dad and I both enjoyed sleeping in. He, however, did a little better than me and got out to work in the yard while I was still sleeping. 

After having been gone for 10 days I definitely had things I needed to catch up on and prepare for the coming week. Catching up on the blog was one of those things, but obviously that didn’t totally work out... I did get everything else on my list done though! Except for eating... I realized when we were leaving for church at 5:30pm all I’d had was a green smoothie, iced coffee (I actually made myself good iced coffee!), and another shake.

I grabbed a banana quickly while running out the door and was hungry by the time we got to Sprouts to get some healthy food. I say that because I have been told by several friends, “It doesn’t matter what it is, if it came from Sprouts it’s healthy.” Most smart people would probably agree, but as I have a touch of blonde and a dash of naivety I think that can’t possibly be true... So we were super safe and only got fruits not even fruit, we only got vegetables and greens. 

Church was small that night and so so good. Whenever we miss a week for whatever reason, I’m always so happy to be back. Pretty quickly I found a baby (no surprise if you know me even a tiny bit) and helped his mama by holding him until he needed to eat. (Couldn’t help him there so...) I love our church. LOVE IT! (I’ll write a post on it another time when I don’t have quite so much other stuff to catch up on.) 

After the service ended at 8:30pm ish most everyone headed to one of the Elder’s homes to eat a Mexican potlick I mean potluck and have further time of fellowship and encouragement. 

Dad and I began the long ride back to Ponder around 11:00pm and hit both racetrack traffic and a stopped train so we got home even more late, but that was okay because Sunday we did NOTHING. Well...except prepare and eat amazing leftovers I mean brunch from scratch (more on our Sunday traditions another time) and leftovers from Cheesecake Factory. Their servings tend to be a little on the little very large size, so we often have leftovers especially when only a fourth of us are there. (See what good math skills I have! I’ve been told it’s in the gene pool.) 

Part of brunch. Yum!

So yes, we ate and we also watched tv. All. Day. We NEVER do that! (Mom wants to do it next Sunday.) Dad and I choose Shark Tank and Say Yes to the Dress. Then that night because we’d had enough tv, we thought watching a movie would be fun! I choose “The Giver” another movie I’d heard was really good. Granted it was better than the movie we watched the other day, but the ending still made us sit up and go “What!? That’s it? So what happens!?” I would recommend it if you haven’t already seen it, just be warned that the end is...abrupt. 

I can’t exactly remember why, but it was pretty late again by the time I got to bed. Like, after midnight. Oops. But just by 2 minutes. 

The Herd: Quoted:

"I've done a great job picking movies!" -Me

Aaaaannnd that's all I have this time. Dad and I weren't very funny over the weekend and Mom sent us no texts relaying any lines. There will be many more next time though! Trust me. 

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