Thursday, June 4, 2015

Water Park!

"Last call for the best pancakes ever. You have to get up now!" It was only 11:00am 7:30am, but I didn't want to miss out. Mr Blair was our fabulous cook yesterday morning, serving coffee us, and preparing pancakes topped with banana slices and syrup. 

After eating Mia did her "morning stretches" with a smile.

Then this curly girl played Battle Ship with great determination. 

We had planned to go to Mount Vernon on Wednesday, but it was cool and rainy. I even wore jeans! And in June! I'm not complaining at all

Mrs Erin concocted a plan. She suggested we go to a water park and then get ice cream and then stay up all night watching movies. After we jumped their mini van the three Blair ladies and Mom, Mia, and I drove to their Target to wander around. Emma and I enjoyed looking longingly at the nail polish selecting a few new beauty products including some quite a few new bottles of nail polish. 

When we went back out to the van…it was dead. So we called our hero, Dad! He came and rescued us jumped the vehicle again then took all us Linns to meet Aunt Liz for lunch at Red Robin. (We'd never been there before *ducks* but it was very yummy!) 

While there Gabe simultaneously watched tv and gave Aunt Liz a very long and incredibly accurate history lesson on the Civil War and the life of George Washington. (Separately, as in, there were actually two lessons.) 

The cool Pop Art in the restaurant made out of Crayons. 

And their signs. 

On the way home we stopped at Walmart. Normally Mom avoids that store at almost all costs, but today we were on a mission, to find the Willis Clan's new CD "Heaven". And we did! And it is GORGEOUS! We also picked up things to make Root Beer Floats. (Hey, it's vacation!) 

The Blairs took Christian with them to go to Alex's last baseball game this season. Those of us who begged to go, sobbing on the floor, but still were told 'no' graciously said we'd rather stay home settled down for a double feature, "Freaky Friday" and "The Confessions of a Shopaholic". We greatly enjoyed both and highly recommend them. Root Beer Floats also fit into the evening. (We couldn't buy the stuff and not make them!) 

So we still ended up eating ice cream and staying up all night kind of late… But no water park! See and we got to have the unplanned adventure restarting the van a couple times. 

The Herd: Quoted

"You can find anything on the internet like, 'looking at a sunflower causes cancer'." -Dad

"I had kind of a scary thought the other day when I realized you could send me to Costco by myself to do the family shopping."-Me
"At 17 1/2 that needs to not be a scary thought." -Dad
"It's just that I haven't done it before and I feel so small in that big place with all those rich people." -Me

"You are my mama and I will never leave you and if you die, I die." -Mia to Mom

"What! Root Beer Floats need ice cream?" -Mia

"Thanks Lydia." -Mom in a not-so-thankful-more-sarcastic-seriously?-voice. 
"Somehow I think that didn't sound how I mean't it to sound…" -Me
"No. It didn't." -Mom
"As you turn beat-red." -Chloe to me. 

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