Saturday, June 20, 2015

Practice #1

So…yesterday's play practice… Whew!

Ava- What play practice? It was crazy. I forgot my lines even though I had a script right in front of my face. The torture "machine" wasn't working. Everyone's accents were almost perfect so that was good. Kate kept looking at Noah. Christian got would you call it when he got all upset about you and Noah laying on the ground (because it was at the bottom of the hill after they fall)? Lets see… I'll just say it was a very funny play practice.

Mia- Gabe and Jed kept getting all crazy and I kind of got a little crazy too. I don't really remember anything else except we were drinking Izzies and fighting with (toy) guns and swords. Noah kept getting so close to Lydia's face (NO HE DIDN'T) only 3 feet away… And we used a vacuum cleaner thingy for the torture machine.

Christian- They got here one minute late (the Munsells). But we chatted for about maybe 10 minutes. Everyone getting back to remembering everyone else. We went inside and tried to get the main people scripts so we could just start figuring it all out. We started the play practice; it was a little bit crazy because of me and the little kids helped some. I was told I make a really good drunk. That's probably a bad thing. I have a terrible Spanish accent. We finished and then they left. After Noah threatened me with his knife. (Why were there knives!?!?!) NOAH I STILL HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU ABOUT HOW FAR AWAY YOU HAVE TO BE FROM LYDIA AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!! (I was forced to write that.)

Chloe- It was hectic. SOME people were very excited to see the Munsells. And had some trouble focusing… I think we did pretty good considering it was our first run through and some of us hadn't seen our friends in two years. So hopefully the next practice will go better. That's it.

Don't ask me why Noah had a sword stuck in his back pocket. 

The Albino. 

Miracle Max with a protesting Noah I mean Wesley. (He was supposed to be dead.)

Not sure what was going on here… 

70% of the Princess Bride cast. 
Chloe, Jed, Christian, Noah, Lydia (me), Abigail, Rebekah. 


  1. Hey guys, none of this play was my idea, and after being coerced into taking a lead part, I wanted to chuck the romantic parts altogether. Everything about me is totally exaggerated in this post.

    P.S. My knife is bigger and sharper than Christian's.

  2. So what's it about anyway???


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