Thursday, June 25, 2015

Breaking My Wrist

Wednesday's highlight was probably our second play practice. 

That morning and early afternoon I worked, then, when I got home, the Munsells came to work on "The Princess Bride." 

This practice went much better! I gave everyone a job and then passed the title of "Director" to Abigail, so I could do my acting. This time we just worked on acts one and two rather than trying to go through the whole thing. (Sorry, no pictures this time...) Everyone is getting more familiar with their lines (ish). We at least tried to do it without holding our scripts and rather had someone remind us if we forgot. My hair was in the way, a lot. But it has to be down for certain reasons that have to do with humor. (Getting pulled, however, is not supposed to be part of it.)

Gabe, our Giant, has a perfect accent and is very strong. He is going to do fabulously! 

Mia can say "Inconceivable!" very well and is learning her lines super-quickly.

Christian is getting there...!

If I'd learn my own lines in addition to everyone else's instead of just learning everyone else's that would probably be good... I'm looking forward to running all my acting questions by our awesome Uncle Phil, who is our professional help for this production.  I also have got to learn to stop smiling so much. (It's a natural reaction for me, actually a natural face, that and very extremely confused. According to Christian, both are cute.) 

We had some time after the practice to play and talk. Someone accidentally started playing love songs on the  guitar. (My hands are too small to play Christian's guitar, so it wasn't me. And the owner of the guitar was not playing it, so it wasn't him.) Ava was joking about the fact that it was a love song. The player protested and his sisters realized that actually it was. We all laughed about it and then the guitar was quickly put away. 

After dinner we watched "The Willis Clan" and headed towards bed. 

Chloe and I decided to have an arm wrestling rematch. We started with our left arms. I actually won!! I was pretty excited. Both of us kind of sort of did a lot of screaming during the match. Then we did our right. (We are both right handed.) I said, "ready, set, go" and screamed and she won. That was because she almost broke my wrist. Apparently...and I totally just forgot what I was going to say right there. *Sigh* At any rate, I'm fine now, so she didn't hurt it too bad. 

Having a sister close to my age is pretty amazing. (We are 11 months apart, I was born a week late, she was born 3 weeks early. For 3 weeks of the year we are the same age and love confusing people who ask if we are twins, because we get asked that all the time.) I don't always love it, but 99.9999% of the time I do. We shared a room for the first 12 years of her life, had our own rooms for 3 (ish) years, and now we are back to sharing. Often we will get pretty silly at night talking (before we go to bed, when the lights are out we both know we aren't going to talk anymore) and have the random-est conversations that usually include blonde moments for me, sarcasm on her part, lots of movie quotes, breaking out into song, mild to high teasing on her part, a lot of *face floors* for me, funny stories from our day, brilliant one-liners, etc. 

Mia did this the other day in one sitting. 
I did this same exact exercise when I was 12 and it took me weeks of hard work. 

The Herd: Quoted

(A lot of these are from me, because I wasn't with my family a whole lot that day... They need to start recording quotes for me to use since I'm not there to do it myself.) 

"Don't pick your nose. put rice up there... Why did you put rice in your nose? No, I can't help you get it out, use your finger." -Me 

"You can't touch her at all, that is too much physical contact." -Christian 
"Says the boy who calls me 'Babe' and kisses my cheek." -Me 

"If you know my lines, but I don't, and I know your lines, but you don't, maybe we should switch characters." -Me during practice to "Wesley." 

"What? I thought you liked it when I worship the ground you walk on!" -Me practicing weeping at "Wesley's" feet. 

"Ouch, ouch, you're pulling my hair!" -Me all during practice. 

"This was bad... I was eating lunch and I had to tell Sadie to finish her bite and stop talking. My mouth was full. I guess that's why parents cover their mouths when they correct their kids with their mouth full. I did it out of habit and then realized what I'd done. Oh the irony." -Me telling Chloe about lunch time at work. 

"Smart people will take advantage of the letter of the law and smart people will obey spirit of the law." *pause* "It's two different kinds of smart people." -Me explaining letter of the law and spirit of the law to Chloe 


  1. Whoever the person was who was playing the guitar, did not know it was a love song. It is hardly a love song at all. And I didn't put the guitar away immediately.

  2. Lol I agree 100% about the sister thing, I have a sister younger than me by 14 months and we totally talk, stay up late, balance each other out, give piggy backs etc. and everyone thinks we're twins ;)

  3. To be perfectly clear, I did not scream. Or yell. Or howl. I merely grunted.


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