Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Darling Little Vampire Child

You know those days when you go and go and go and by night time you still have energy? I don't think I had that by 10:30 last night. Thankfully it didn't hit until 10:00pm though. Up until that point I did have energy. So guess what? I'm normal! (At these in one arena…) 

My day looked like this:

I left the house at 7:30am. There I read the same three books to my charges for an hour and a half. (Not half an hour. Half an hour plus a whole hour, so 90 minutes.) I got to read my own book while supervising upstairs playtime. The three of us ate a very leisurely lunch. But they ate well, which was a first! When nap time arrived I blogged.

Chloe is attempting to get a job at Chick-fil-a, which makes no sense whatsoever since we didn't eat there hardly at all on our trip… So I went in there and talked to three different people trying to figure out how to get her an interview. We are hoping they call the phone number I left with the people who didn't know what to do… 

My happy hour arrived when I settled at Starbucks to read about poetry for school. 

At home my sweet wonderful Mom had finished my laundry for me well she kind of needed the washer and my stuff was in the way. I put it all away, began preparation for Tuesday, ate quickly, and left with my grandparents to babysit at their small group. 

Last night there was me, the one babysitter, and 10 kids. All 3 years old or under, with 4 of them being less than 1 year old. I had a wonderful time!! During dinner I held two of the babies (not at the same time) and then took the ones that could walk upstairs to play during the lesson time.

By the time I arrived home around 9:00pm I was extremely worn out sort of tired and very happy with my day.

As far as I know everyone else had a normal day at home. I'd like to start asking the others to tell me about their day so you get to see more than just my life. I know I'm super duper interesting and all that…but everyone else is way more fun I'm sure. One thing I do know is that Chloe put together another video. Here it is- "Just Bloopers 2":

And if you are interested, here is "Just Bloopers":

Tuesday Dad woke me up when I should have been in the car headed to my job. Oops. I'm so talented I turned my alarm off in my sleep. (NOT a good talent in case you were confused.) With the help of my incredible family I rushed out the door not too long after that and had enough time to stomp on a 3 inch scorpion with my flip flop before reaching the car. I felt like that was a pretty cool move…

My job went well…except for the fact that the three year old decided he wanted to find out what I'd do if he disobeyed or just didn't do what I told him to do. It didn't work out too well for him. 

When I arrived home my amazing Mom had a healthy strawberry chocolate frosty thingy all ready for me! I took care of a few things and headed out the door again, this time with Mom, Christian, and Ava for orthodontist appointments.

I just was there because I'm "just so sweet" they just like to tell me I have to come in every few months they wanted to see that yes, indeed, my teeth still look good since I got my braces off almost a year ago. (That long already?!) Christian is now ready for his bottom braces to go on and we discovered that Ava will be starting braces as well next month unless we are okay with her looking like a darling little vampire child.

At home we prepared the house for small group.

Between three families we had 17 children and that is actually fewer than is normal for our group! Everyone had a very nice time of visiting, eating, encouraging, and praying. With a side of laughter, crazy kids, and everything else you would expect when that many kids are together.

I got to stay home today! Even better I got to stay home and care for sweet Kate again! On top of that, our friends the Munsells came again to work on the play, only everyone else was here too so it was quite a bit louder and way way way just a tad bit crazier.

Included in the morning were the adventures of catching a crawfish. (Post will follow about this event.)

The afternoon was filled by our time working on the play (or at least trying to. We actually did way more on it than I expected, but boy do we have a loooooonngg way to go…). I watched some, acted whenever I was needed, and cared for Kate a majority of the time. Ava was a fabulous helper. She will be a marvelous mommy someday. I think I'll get the others to tell you about our practice. It will be more humorous from their perspective, I'm sure, as I am still trying to calm myself and regain the ability to think straight…

Upon asking Mom the plans for the rest of the day she said, "I think we are planning to chill-out." That sounds great to me!

Random pictures from the week so far:

Mia dressed up before small group.

Then they decided to dance, too cute!

Darling Kate helped me with my schoolwork. 

Mia- 5 going on 26.

She learned her first piano song! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Too much adorableness!

Mom and Mia reading time. 

My little helper, Ava.

She let me rock her to sleep. Melt. My. Heart. 


The Herd: Quoted

"Having a boy tell you 'I need you! I need you to hold me...' Is super awkward...unless they are three years old, which he was." -Me 

"I ran into the wall a lot on purpose at bubble land. Noah said whoever didn't do it was crazy, so I did it and it's actually fun now!" -Mia 

*Gabe whistling Christmas song loudly* 
Hey Gabe, want to pick a CD to put in?" -Me
*Gabe still whistling* 
"Gabe, want to get a CD?" -Me
*Still whistling*
"GABE?" -Me
"Oh, yeah?" -Gabe
"Can you pick a CD, please?!" -Me
*Gabe picks the worst CD in the history of ever*

"Don't tell me we're having eggs again!" -Ava
"The Munsells are coming later." -Me
"Well we have to eat them" -Chloe 
"The Munsells?!" -Me

"Her lips are like the size of a bumble bee." -Gabe talking about Kate.

"Yeah cause I'm practically a teenager." -Mia 

"I didn't know you were engaged, Lydia!" -Ava 

"You have to be at least 10 feet apart." -Christian during the practice making a very unrealistic demand. 

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