Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Impressive Strength and Another Birthday

Starting the week strong I overslept, but still made it to my nannying job on time! At 7:30am I left the house for the day and didn't arrive home until 8:45pm that night. It was a long day. At home everyone else had a normal day as far as I know. 

When I finished at work, I left to sit in stop and go traffic for 30 minutes on my way in to Denton. Road construction is so much fun. (If you are like me I'll clarify, that was sarcasm.) 

When I finally made it to one of my favorite places, Chickfila Starbucks, I ordered my drink. (If you are like me and Mom, after a certain length of time, your brain starts shutting down...) Settled at one of the few remaining tables (What happened? Usually this Starbucks is empty, but lately it has been crammed full!) I pulled out my Bible, notebook, and pens and other thingys and began reading in Hebrews. At the table right next to me, two elderly men were also involved in Bible study! Every time I overhear those types of conversations at different places I feel so blessed and encouraged. 

Chloe began texting me after I had finished that and begun blogging about the weekend. The conversation below was a total blonde moment for me.

I ran a few errands after finishing the post and doing some schoolwork, then headed back to the house I'd been working at earlier to babysit for their small group. That night they had a pool party so I volunteered to be the baby holder. (No, I was not trapped into doing that and when I say I'm good and don't need a parent to take their baby, I'm not being nice. Okay, well I am being nice, but not nice in the sense that I'm only saying I'm fine, I actually am fine. If any of that makes any amount of sense.) 

When I entered the door at home I was informed that Gabe had just done 20 perfect pushups in a row. I went to join everyone else and he dropped down to crank out 31 MORE!!! Next Mia tried and was able to do 10 good ones, followed by Ava, who did 5. I was very impressed! Christian stepped up confidently and...fell on his face. Chloe also was unable to do one. I was already sore from doing pushups earlier, but I was able to do 5. We aren't even going to get into how many Dad can do... And Mom is pretty impressive too!

Next I challenged Christian to an arm wrestle. I won twice with my left, and twice with my right. I'm right handed, he is left handed. Chloe also beat him, but when she and I did it, it ended in a draw. However, today she is extremely sore and I am perfectly fine. I know I don't look like the strongest one, but whatever. 

Tuesday I got to stay home and watch Kate again! The days I have her are among my top favorite, although this time I was slightly sad because I missed out on celebrating Gabe's 8th birthday at Hurricane Harbor Six Flags with everyone else. On the one hand I was excited to have her and a quiet house all to myself, but on the other hand I missed getting to make that memory with my family. The joys of becoming an adult! (Everyone was very kind and said they missed me terribly and it wasn't the same without me and told me all about everything they did.)

If you remember, having baby means you only have the use of one hand for 50% (if you want a round, approximate number) of the time. Last time I went with a simple breakfast, but I stepped it up Tuesday and made eggs, bagels, and a green smoothie. And yes, I did it with one hand. I'm actually not totally sure how I was able to do it, but I was!

Ava and Mia came to me for hair braiding before breakfast. Before they all left I barely held Kate at all. My family LOVES babies so much. When they left, Kate actually started pouting. It was pretty cute. 

After breakfast Gabe opened a few gifts from his siblings. Mom and Dad take each of us out to breakfast on or near our birthday in place of gifts. I can't speak for everyone, but I like this arrangement. (Quality time is one of my top love languages, though, and gifts is almost the very last one, so that would be why.) 

He didn't look anything like any of the rest of us as a baby. 

My Instagram post for his birthday: 

Kate and I had a good day. She wasn't super excited to drink any of her bottles this time (well actually she didn't want anything to do with them), but she ate her food well and I kept her hydrated by letting her suck on ice from my hands. (Apparently that was a brilliant idea according to several people, so feel free to use that method if you would like. There is no copyright yet.) 

She took great naps today and we did things like play piano, read my journal/diary from 2011, watch the hilarious videos over and over and over from our play practice last week, drink strong coffee (me not her), work on laundry, make everyone dinner, and dance and sing. 

I was surprised that my family did not arrive home more sunburned than they did! They told me all about their fabulous day and stole my charge from me as soon as they were out of the shower (and dressed). Believe it or not, I was not tired of holding Kate and protested mildly when they took her. 

Another birthday tradition is that the birthday child gets to choose the movie for the night. Pretty much ever since us big kids watched the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" and quoting it nonstop the littles have been begging to watch. Normally that would be a terrifying movie to them, but they've been asking for so long, Mom finally gave in. THEY LOVED IT!!!!! And were guessing the plot before stuff even happened! How can they be so smart? I jumped and got scared more than they did and that was my third time to see it... (Part of the reason Mom gave in is because that is one of her all time favorite movies...and it's one of her favorites because Jonny Depp and Orlando Bloom are both from the Beautiful Man Store.) 

The Herd: Quoted

"Tomorrow morning, 5:30am, sit-up contest with me?" -Me
"You'll win." -Chloe
"Why, because you'll still be sleeping?" -Me
"Yes, but you'd win anyway." -Chloe 

"I am desperate to taste my toes." -Mia 

"What kind of movie do you want to watch?" -Christian
"Um, pretty-girl action movies." -Gabe

"Are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure?" -Gabe at Hurricane Harbor. 
"Uh, yes, but you can chicken out!" -Ava 

"Ooh! I want to ride those!" -Mia about the biggest slides at the water park.
"Uh, how about we find something a little more tame than that..." -Dad's very wise response.

"If they all refuse me I'm going to sing Agony." -Gabe talking about the 6 girls he is looking at for future brides. 

"I'm half inclined to just let them watch Pirates so they will stop asking." -Mom
"So we can watch it?" -Gabe 
"No, that means you have to convince her to let you." -Me

"Trust me, I can handle skeletons. I will be fine." -Mia with GREAT emphasis. 

"We could watch Into The Woods!" -Me 
"It's rated PG." -Christian 
"Into The Boobs?" -Mia 
*We all clap our hands over our mouths*
"That would be a whole new rating." -Mom 

"Gabe, Aunt Amy is calling to talk to you." -Mom
"Hello? Who is this? Oh, hi Aunt Lauren. Oh you're Aunt Amy?" -Gabe 

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