Monday, June 15, 2015

Begging Grandchildren and a Good Movie (Or Two)

Friday…let me reach into the dark corners of my brain and attempt to remember the events of so long ago… *5 minutes later* Okay, I know I went to work… Oh and I was tired that day since it was the end of a long work week. That's probably why I'm not remembering. Maybe this quote will help explain my thoughts right now...

This was my snack when I got home: 

Oh! Okay, finally I'm remembering that day! In the afternoon I got the kids to help me with blogging. (Pretty sure that was Friday…) 

Friday night is the official "movie night". Each of us takes a monthly rotation turn choosing a movie for the family. (Usually for the family, some times we spilt up.) That night is was Chloe's turn and she decided on "Maleficent". Dad and the "bigs" settled in Mom and Dad's room to watch that, while Mom and the "littles" freaked out in the other room watching viewed "Finding Nemo". Everyone except Mom wanted to watch "Maleficent" but that would definitely have been too much for the younger ones especially since they were terrified of "Finding Nemo didn't like everything in their movie. 

I actually liked the movie waaaaaay better than I thought I would and I think Dad was pleasantly surprised as well. (Chloe and Christian already knew they would love it, it was their type of movie.) I loved watching the evolution of the one character who started out "pure" in a sense and then when he choose to pursue power, it slowly began destroying him. He lined up really well with characters I studied in Shakespeare this year. (I LOVED that by the way, who ever said Shakespeare was boring?!) Then I also liked following the other character who had difficult things that shaped who she became and then other things that softened her once more. Seeing how she respond and changed was really cool. I highly recommend it if you haven't already seen it. 

Mom gave this to Dad for his birthday: 

Saturday Mom was up and out the door by 8:00am I believe to head to "Town Talk". (It's a discount food store I guess you could say? I'll probably have her write a better description than that later on.) 

Chloe had a movie to go see with former classmates in Southlake around noonish. All of our guys dropped her off for that and then scored it big at Old Navy. Christian returned with heavy beach and shark themed merchandise. 

Meanwhile, I slept in and then tidied up the house while Mia went begging next door visited her grandparents who don't spoil her too much, well at least not more than we do tolerate her frequent visits very well. 

Around noon I had another baby to watch! (Yes, in case you were counting, that is indeed 6 days in a row of me watching young children not related to me.) Mia and Ava were HUGE helpers and Mom also very much enjoyed holding sweet baby Kyle. 

When I'd just settled down to catch up with the blogging I've been behind on all week, Christian entered the room I share with Chloe and proposed that I drive him and Ava to our friends' house where Chloe was waiting for us to come get her before church. He wanted to hang out there for at least a little while since Chloe was already there and he hadn't seen them in a while. I called to check first (of course) and we got the go ahead. So he and Ava gave me 15 minutes to get completely ready for church so we could rush out the door. 

We ended up getting to visit with them for 45 minutes which was way better than nothing. Their boys (almost 15, and 16) were trimming trees so Christian "helped" them while us girls played with the new kittens and briefly caught up with their mom. The kittens were the little sister's and one of the boys tried very hard to send at least one of them with us. (It didn't work.) 

We left for church in plenty of time, but between me being given the wrong directions by the backseat drivers 3 times and making at least 2 wrong turns, we were a few (25) minutes late for church. Oops. The service was very good, though, and we enjoyed catching up with people afterwards. That was the first time we'd all been to church together in over a month, and we didn't plan it, but we all were wearing blue. (That is our family's unofficial color. We all just have a lot of clothes in the same shade of blue.) 

This is Christian that night in his typical "talk to his older sister" pose. 

Chloe's arm after Church. I think we need to buy her a notebook… 

Then she decided to keep me up by "fan-girling" about the "epic" movie she saw (Jurassic World) 
and writing on my leg. (Because she ran out of room on her arms..?) 

Sunday we did not lay around and watch tv and eat food. Mom and Dad went out for breakfast and got back all before I woke up. Then they started organizing and de-cluttering Dad's office. I helped for a while then began my own project, getting our "bonus room" (the unfinished space in our upstairs) ready for the summer play. I identified things that we no longer need and did some arranging to make more room. Two years ago we got 35 people in there for our production of "The Taming of the  Shrew". (I'll probably write a post on that another time.) 

Chloe did a lot of reading, Christian listened to a baseball game, and the littles played "town". They all set up a store or business of some sort, along with a house and then play. It's pretty funny to listen to their make believe conversations and remember when Chloe, Christian, and I did something almost exactly the same. 

While Mom and Dad were sorting they found this write up. I did this for the financial class they were teaching when I was about 13 years old. 

Sunday dinner was breakfast: pancakes, hash browns, skillet veggies, eyes oops I mean eggs, and sausage. (Don't you just love auto-correct?) Chloe missed it as she was riding horses at the neighbor's. Something she would rather do than eat any day. (I think… She does like to eat too, though.) 

Once everything was cleaned up and people were dressed for bed we watched an episode of "The Willis Clan". Currently I think that show is our top favorite, at least for a majority of us. 

The Herd: Quoted

"Oh I get it! He said, "As long as there aren't any pretty 16 year old girls there we'll be okay" because if there were he'd try to show off for them and get hurt." -Me
"Yes, Lydia, I'm glad you got that. It only took you, what, 10 minutes?" -Mom shaking her head and laughing with everyone else while I hide my face. 

"What color should I get my bands to be? Seriously I'll do whatever you say." -Christian 
"Neon green." -Me
"No." -Christian 
"Purple." -Me
"No." -Christian  
"Yellow." -Me
"No." -Christian  

"He wasn't showing off for me!" -Me
"Oh yeah? So you didn't notice that he didn't climb the tree until you got there?" -Christian 

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