Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flying, Bowling, and George Washington

It's amazing how much pulling your own hair hurts because you were laying on it while asleep and decided to rollover. Thursday morning Dad and I packed up our bags (mine were still nice and organized with the clothes still folded Mom's too) and ate yet another delicious breakfast which included heart shaped biscuits with chocolate chips in them! 

We both kissed the others goodbye (yes I kissed all my siblings, I do that) and left with Mom to go to the airport. Dad needed to be back to work…and my job "officially" starts next week. ("Officially" because I've already been doing it some, just not everyday.) I'm excited though! It was kind of sad to have to come home early, but I love flying. 

We flew out of Ronald Reagan Airport. (Sorry I missed the 'R') 

I accidentally put my laptop in the wrong spot going through security. Checking our bags and security went just fine and we settled at our gate. After I caught up some on blogging we went to purchase some sandwiches for the plane. 

Here is our Virgin America plane coming to take us home to Texas!

Meanwhile, back in Virginia, the moms took the eight kids bowling! They got pizza and soda and played for two hours! (What a good idea I had…) 

Our flight was so bumpy I figured if I was the type to get motion sick I would have been in big trouble a little bumpy. The actual touch down though, was nice and soft. We got our bags and took a bus right to the door of our car practically! It definitely feels like Summer in Texas now. (Still not complaining though!) 

Costco was kind of a mandatory stop and so was getting Lemonade Frostys at Chickfila. Unpacking took hardly any time at all and then we got to go have dinner next door at Mom's parents' house. 

Dad's expression when he heard Mom and the others also had spaghetti.

The sunset was stunning!! 

Dad made me an offer I could not refuse, ice cream! We enjoyed that treat and watched a couple "Flip or Flop" episodes. 

In case you didn't know this, sleeping in your own bed after 10 days away from home is wonderful. 

Friday morning Dad worked and I went next door to teach Nana the ropes of Pinterest. 

Meanwhile, back in Virginia, everyone else went to Mount Vernon. 

Hanging with George and Martha…and their kids I'm guessing…? 

I guess they wore him out… 

When they get home I'll sit the kids down and have them tell their adventures. 

Dad had meetings Friday afternoon and I got to go shopping with Gramma. At the end of the day I persuaded everyone that Cheesecake Factory was a good place to go for dinner. It took awhile but they all eventually came over to my point of view. It was pretty easy to get them to agree. I'm pretty sure Key Lime Cheesecake is my new favorite. 

Because everyone thinks starting a two hour movie at 10:00pm is a good idea, Dad and I watched "The Book Thief." First, we both almost fell asleep, then the ending was horrible! I don't know why, but I thought for some reason that was a really good story… Well…I thought it was pretty sad. It ended and Dad and I looked at each other and were just like "Ok, well then, that's…wow." Then we went to bed because that's what tired people do. 

The Herd: Quoted

"Ah, I lost my shoe!" -Me

"Well that was painless." -Dad after getting to our car at the airport. 

"I can do this, I have to do this." -Mia bowling.

"Look, that squirrel is peeing!" -(I don't know who this was, but they were at Mount Vernon.)

"I miss the Blairs already." -Mia

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